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Stalo Constructions is Stalo Group’s complete full cycle and 360-degree solution for building your modular and/or traditional construction project.  All our contractors are fully certified and insured in the State of Florida allowing us to provide our clientele with the most elite service from conception to completion.  Whether you are a developer for commercial construction or a client looking to build your residential home, Stalo Constructions offers a turnkey alternative.

Why Stalo Constructions?

Stalo Constructions, located in Miami, FL, consists of a team of General Contractors who are certified in the State of Florida.  They are the preferred installers of modular homes and cold-formed steel frames (CFS). 

Stalo Constructions offers a consultative approach for both commercial developers and consumers.  Working together with Stalo Frames and Stalo Modulars, Stalo Constructions can provide solutions to clientele that include designing, laying foundations, building additions, and ground-up construction from a residential home up to a five-story structure.