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Our team at Stalo Constructions has extensive industry experience and knowledge that is applied to the services of every project.  Our collaborative working approach creates an opportunity for us to take your idea and discover a plan to best execute with consideration of cost, materials, and timeframe providing options during the planning phase. 



  • Feasibility Studies

  • Construction Management

  • Pre-construction development

  • Land development

  • Highest & best use

  • Materials specs


Our Design Services are offered through our sister subsidiary, Stalo Engineering and Consulting.  Through this collaboration, we offer the following Design Services:


  • Concept Design

  • Zoning Verifications.

  • Architectural Plans

  • Concept Renders

  • Structural Plans

  • MEP Plans

  • Final Renders

  • Complete constructions documents


From planning to completion and delivery, our team oversees every step of each of the pre-construction and construction phases.


Every stage of the construction process is approached with integrity and professionalism that sets us apart.  We are comprised of Certified, Professional, Skilled, and Experienced General Contractors and field team members who have established a standard of excellence.  Our projects are inclusive of commercial, industrial, and institutional involving new buildings, residences, and expansions. 

As your general contractor, we oversee the overall planning, coordination, and management of each project.  By developing a relationship with our clients, we assure clear communication through leading industry project management and software that keeps everyone up to date on the questions, resolutions, and progress in real time. 

This is the basis to our hands-on and proactive approach and key to our client satisfaction.  Stalo Constructions strives to deliver excellence in quality craftsmanship and every stage of the construction project.



SCHEDULE CONTROL:  Construction scheduling is a fluid process that stretches from the early stages until completion of the punch list.  Through our system, we develop a collaborative, customized schedule that is broken down into smaller detailed tasks to track specific project components, inspection points and milestone completion and signoffs. 

We asses the progress on a continuous basis to ensure the project remains on schedule while allowing for flexibility.  The schedule serves as a communication tool keeping everyone up to date on the status of the project.  In turn, unexpected costs are minimized allowing for ease of mind for our clients. 

PROJECT CYCLE:  From the initiation of the project to Implementation and Execution, and Closing phases, Stalo Construction provides complete management and responsibility for the project utilizing best-in-class standards and industry tools of project management.

QUALITY CONTROL:  Quality is taken profoundly serious at Stalo Construction.  To ensure that we provide our clients with a top-of-the-line project, we prepare and implement a quality management plan in collaboration with the owner, design team, and General Contractors that includes protocols for communication, coordination, design verification, revision/change control, and non-conformance tracking resolution. 

Depending on the project, this plan may also be inclusive of environmental compliance, quality control testing, verification sampling, reporting, and independent assurance.